There is an expectation that a film that comes from BBC's Masterpiece Theater will be of exceptional quality and "The 39 Steps" is no exception. Based on John Buchan's thriller which is a fictional story about WWII, it is unexpectedly charming, romantic and exciting all at the same time and the performances are superb.
I found this video by accident. I was browsing our local library for a film. My husband likes action films and I couldn't find one without an R rating. I found this one and although it was rated NR, I was pretty sure that the BBC has a certain set of standards that doesn't include pornography. So, I borrowed the film. 
Set in England during WWII, the unpleasant, rude, self-centered main character of the story is not your typical leading man. But a series of extraordinary events catapults him into the role of larger than life hero. There are many surprising twists and turns to the story, but the scene I liked best was when the main female character (also an enigma) makes overtures to him. He turns her down, gently and respectfully and he says to her "I want to woo you. I want to bring you flowers and take you to dinner...." Wow, talk about romantic!  What a difference from 007!
Of course, this is a film and it is a period piece, but fortunately romance is not dead. Former AEC presenter Elisabeth Baldanza (Miss New York 2007) received a marriage proposal  which is on You Tube as "The Best Movie Proposal EVER!". It is definitely romantic. You can see it here My children also are married/engaged (one of each) to surprisingly romantic (and wonderful!) young men. I'm happy to see that they still exist. How wonderful to be wooed, rather than to be just another trophy.