Our theme for AEC's booth at the Otsego County Fair this year is "A Real Man Commits", with COMMITS spelling out strong character traits to look for in your man - Considerate, Orderly, Mature, Modest, Industrious, Trustworthy, and Self-Controlled. After the wedding of my younger daughter a couple of weeks ago, I can now say that these character traits were ones that I see and admire in the men that are now my son-in-laws (my older daughter having married a couple of years ago). I was just pondering today, how interesting it is that, although my daughters are very different, they married men of very similar characters. My husband and I are delighted.  
After the wedding, I chatted with some of the young women who came to the wedding, many of whom I have known for years, some since they were young children. All were enthusiastic about my daughter's new husband and I told them that they needed to look for a great guy. The response was a chorus of "We're trying!" But one of the girls also chimed in that the thing that was so wonderful about my daughter's new spouse was that "he respected her". I agree. It is absolutely one of the top reasons that we are so fond of him. 
Sometimes we are so inundated with the bad news in the papers and the often terrible behavior of the high and mighty, that we forget that there are still good, decent people around. The key is to look for persons of good character and being one is the first step.