Having fallen into blogging, I am still uncertain as to what I am doing! But Copyblogger to the rescue. They have daily tips on writing and they are having a contest for a course with them. Following is my entry. The point is that it is important to take advantage of the uniqueness that is you. Like snowflakes each of us is different and each of us is important and special.

You Need Credibility to Crush the Competition
Have you ever won a contest, a competition or a job? To win, you have to be the best, or at least be perceived to be the best. Whether you are competing against one person, dozens or hundreds or in the case of the internet, maybe thousands, you need to stand out above the rest.
How do you stand out on the Internet? If you are selling pencils and your pencils are the same as every other person’s pencils, there is no incentive for people to choose your pencils over any other company’s pencils. You have to have a hook, something that is unique to you and your pencils and you must have your customer’s trust. They have to believe that you will really deliver a pencil to them that works.
In the case of content, you need not only to be THE authority, but you need to be the authority with a track record. You need credibility in your chosen field.
How do you establish credibility? You have to know and love your subject matter, express it in your own unique way, be able to deliver results that your customers want and can rely on, and get yourself in the public eye. Suggestions on how to do this, by successful entrepreneurs, marketers and bloggers range from writing a book, to starting a blog, to writing guest articles to getting yourself on TV, radio or Youtube. But everything starts with YOU, your passion and your message, that’s the key.