AEC was unexpectedly suddenly invited to be interviewed on the internet's program. I was able to give out information about our organization and our initiatives like the M.O.M., Model, Organizer, Mentor workbook that we are working on and the "Trash Cancer" program which we have started to work with. I was also able to give out information like the fact that one out of four adults by the age of 25, will get an STD and one out of 10 couples are infertile and that STDs can cause infertility. We also touched on how birth control pills have been classified a Group One carcinogen by the World Health Organization because they contain high amounts of estrogen and progesterone and how they are getting into the water and causing deformities in fish as well as sterilizing fish populations and how a recent report has linked them to rising levels of prostate cancer. 

As previously mentioned, we have created some M.O.M. products - t-shirts, mugs and tote bags which we are offering for a donation of $10 each. I am attaching a photo of the tote bag above. Great for Christmas!

Our band "Treasure" will again be playing for the Davis College Christmas party which was cancelled last year due to the floods. We made up a magnet for the goodie bags to be handed out this year. I will also attach that photo. We have gotten great feedback for the magnets and hope to offer them for a donation of $1 as well. Great stocking stuffer!

Link to interview here: