We are "creatures of habit" and what we think, say, and do on a regular basis, impacts our life whether for good or bad. Abstinence education is about making good educated choices and avoiding the bad..
It is, for example, a terrible thing that birth control pills are regularly doled out to girls and women for a multitude of things, despite the fact that they are classified a Group 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Unfortunately, because there are groups who profit from our ignorance, we cannot depend on the schools, the media or the government to keep us informed of what is harmful to us.
Women in particular are at risk. The average woman puts 15 different concoctions on herself daily, many of which contain harmful chemicals. I just took the toxic test at www.TakeTheToxicTest.com/525870 and got an "A". But that is because I have been clearing toxins out of my home for years, after having watched so many people fall to cancer and other illnesses. It is up to us to learn what we are doing that can hurt our health, whether it be abstinence from high risk behaviors or from avoidable toxins in the products we use.
I highly recommend that you follow the link and take this test; start to read labels, if you don't, now; and set a goal this year to make you and your family healthier and happier by staying away from the toxic things in life.