The Abstinence Education Council (AEC) is having a busy spring. They were again among the semi-finalists for the “National Moms In Business” Crowd Funding Grant (last year they came in second). Part of the competition was to work with social media from which they obtained several followers on Twitter, offers of help and ideas including one for a summer fair booth.  They wish to thank everyone who helped raise $2000. The winner this year raised $3500 in less than 4 weeks. AEC conducted another "What is Beauty" workshop for girls 8-12 at St. Malachy's Church in Sherburne. The girls had a good time and most of the mothers joined in as well. There was a teachers' conference on character education with John O'Connell Ed.D at the Norwich library that was very informative. In one year, John used Dr. Tom Lickona's program from SUNY Cortland's Center for the 4th and 5th Rs (Respect and Responsibility) and reduced discipline problems by 27% while raising grades by about the same percentage.  This group has just been selected to be a mentee with Aspire Foundation who have a goal to positively impact the lives of one million women and girls by 2015.  They are currently working with Anne Archer Associates to develop a campaign. June 2 they will again be part of the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church's annual health fair and have begun to prepare for the summer fair season.