Many thanks to #SocialMomsLetters for letting us be part of this great project. Here is the actual letter.

Dear Lady in Catskill, NY, whom we met at a gas station/convenience store:

My husband and I were on a business trip from our home in upstate NY to Connecticut. We stopped for gas and my husband noticed that one of our tires was flat. We were hoping that the gas station/convenience store would have a can of tire sealer, but no luck. As we were discussing what to do, you happened to drive in and came up and asked us what was wrong. We told you about our dilemma and you told us to wait a minute, jumped back in your car and minutes later came back with a can of tire sealer. Then you absolutely refused to take any money for it! You said it was your pleasure and you were just “paying it forward.” We were so touched and often spoke about you and wished we could do something for you. Please know that you are in our prayers and because of your example have also “paid it forward” in little ways.

Thank you wherever you are and may God bless you as you blessed us.