I decided to use the above title as our theme for next year's fair booths. 
My younger daughter got married this summer and her new husband and my older daughter's husband are so romantic! I have been really surprised and delighted. 'My children are so different and their husbands are so uniquely appropriate to them and yet, the men share a lot of wonderful qualities, starting with respect for the girls. Looking at them, I can see that this is the cornerstone of their relationships and romance is the bonus. They used to call this kind of marriage "made in Heaven." 

I'm working on the acronym right now and am almost done. I hope to put together another banner.I'm also going to use this as the theme for the program we are having at St. Malachy's in Sherburne for the high school kids. I think that setting "Romance" and "Respect"  as goals might be an attractive way of getting over the message to both genders that you can set a path to a wonderful future by starting with a good foundation in a serious relationship. I'm working on this project with psychologist Karina Romero and my friend Jane Schultz and Karina's friend who is a teacher will be visiting and helping us with creating the program. I'm hoping to make it interactive.

Merry Christmas to all and a very blessed New Year!