Part 2 is my review of "Renewable - One Woman's Search for Simplicity, Faithfulness, and Hope".
I think that Eileen Flanagan is a talented writer. However, after going through the most bitter winter we have experienced since moving to Upstate NY fifteen years ago, it is hard to take "global warming" with anything but a load of salt. Also, there is a lot of disagreement with this theory, such as this quote from American Spectator "Antarctic ice is at record levels, the Arctic polar bear population is growing, and there have been fewer hurricanes and tornadoes, not more (despite Al Gore’s predictions). Average global temperatures haven’t risen in 18 years". Former NASA scientist Tom Luongo claims that he has seen government documents that prove that the entire global warming (now called climate change) is fraudulent and a money-making scheme. In 2012, James Lovelock, the "godfather of global warming, publicly changed his mind over the entire issue.
At a time, when our country and the world is facing issues like terrorist attacks; Russian warplanes flying over American soil; human trafficking; and a host of other problems, I personally find Ms. Flanagan's passion puzzling and her very American approach to religion and faith rather sad. I applaud her obvious compassion and desire to help her fellow man, but she seems to be going at God in a kind of 60's hippie way. Not my cup of tea.