AEC has an important message and point of view which is difficult to spread because our culture is 1. antagonistic toward any kind of self-discipline and 2. close-minded about anything that is not "politically correct".
Enter Chatabout. Here is a website that actually pays you to give your opinion! What a great opportunity to use all the research that we have been gathering over the past several years to give informed responses to current news articles. 
For the most part, news is either liberally or progressively agenda-driven or made up of shallow sound-bites, truncated due to lack of time, space or because the next wave of stories is breaking. And too many stories nowadays are ones that have tragic endings. Endings that often could have been prevented, if we had a more educated, involved and committed populace. 
I am very pleased to have found Chatabout. I hope that contributing to their website will make AEC's work easier and more fruitful.