We had been hoping for help with the website, but haven't gotten what we need yet. So,we will attempt to continue to promote the goals of AEC as best as we can ourselves..

One of our major goals has been to promote good character. As we have noted before, the Center for the 4th and 5th Rs at SUNY Cortland has found that young people are 90% more likely to be abstinent if they have been in a character education program. I was recently asked to submit a letter to someone from whom I had received a "Random Act of Kindness" for a project of Social Moms, which is a great group of moms who are social media influencers.. Since I had had someone extend an unexpected and beautiful act of kindness to myself and my husband when we were driving from Upstate NY to Connecticut on a business trip, I submitted the letter and it was selected to be featured on the Social Moms website.
I actually submitted two letters because as I wrote the one about the lady in the Catskills, I realized that the greatest acts of kindnesses that I and my family have received have been from the Lord. So, I share this with you::

I am always amazed at the tiny details that God takes care of in our lives, and I was again surprised and delighted at another "God-incidence" that came into my life recently, so this is my own little thank you to the Lord. (NOTE: For those who do not know, I am presently helping my younger daughter with her first child as she finishes her PhD.)

Heavenly Father,

I am always astonished and grateful for your goodness to me. 

Most recently, I developed a toenail fungus. My toenail looked strange, so  I looked it up and I read that although it is quite common, it is also a serious health concern. I haven't had a doctor since we moved out here.  I wanted a female naturopath that I could see right away, difficult in this area, where it normally takes months to get an appointment.  I was pondering what to do a few weeks ago, when I suddenly got a request to monitor an infant playgroup for an organization for mothers.  The request came to me because I have volunteered to host play dates at our home for my baby grandson. I decided to do it and a few days later, we found ourselves with 4 other mothers in a lovely community room. At this age (babies not yet walking), the play dates consist mostly of the moms (and grandmoms!) chatting with each other about what's going on with their babies. One of the ladies had just moved to the area from Seattle. I gathered that she was a pediatrician. However, as we were cleaning up, she gave her card to another mom, and mentioned that she was a general practitioner. so I asked for her card as well and she was not only a GP, but a naturopath! I saw her two weeks ago and my toenail fungus is clearing up nicely (without drugs!).

Many thanks for all the little miracles you send me always,


I will connect you with  the story that is going to be featured on Social Moms on Monday, September 19, but in the meantime, part of this Social Moms project is to promote "random acts of kindness" especially for the month of September. If you would like to be part of this, please post to your social media sites with the hashtags #MomKindness and #SocialMomsLetters.
Many thanks and blessings.