We are very excited and honored to have been nominated for the Yahoo! Women Who Shine award!  The story behind this nomination is one we too often hear http://www.aboutamom.com/2012/09/women-who-shine-arline-saiki.html 
Many thanks to Angela Sellari of www.aboutamom.com for nominating us! Angela and I are both members of the online group Social moms which is made up of thousands of mom bloggers. I was also invited to nominate someone and I nominated Haley Kilpatrick of "Girl Talk". I hope you will vote for both of us! Haley's information is in the post below this one.

TO VOTE FOR HALEY:  http://yhoo.it/P9iNGN.

And here is the direct link to vote for AEC's Arline Saiki nominated as a Yahoo! Women Who Shine by wonderful mom blogger Angela Sellari of www.aboutamom.com.  http://shine.yahoo.com/photos/public-service-1344924606-slideshow/arline-saiki-photo-1348410638.html
Or you can vote from the aboutamom site.

If you have or are willing to open a Yahoo! account (provides email addresses), you can vote for us. It's easy to join and free. Just click on the link in Angela's story and it will take you to Yahoo! where you can sign up.  First prize is $10,000 plus there are other prizes.

Please pass this on to your lists. It would be a huge help to us. Thank you so much for your help!