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            The Choices You Make Today, Will DECIDE Your Tomorrow!

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Patient, Unselfish, Respectful/Respectable/Responsible, In-control  (behavior, speech, dress), Truthful YOU.


GUIDELINES: for M.O.M. workbook - inspiring stories  about how the mom in your life affected yourself or your family.

Submission guidelines for M.O.M. Model, Organizer, Mentor book
Format: Word; Length up to 1200 words; Bio: 30-300 words; Rights to edit if necessary; Originality: Submission certifies that these are original works and that ownership and rights of transfer belong to the person submitting and that they have not been previously published; Rights: granted to AEC-I Decide for non-exclusive use. Authors of stories which are chosen will receive a free copy of the book. Please submit ASAP.


AEC-I Decide is the trade name for the Abstinence Education Council, PO Box 10, West Oneonta, NY 13861 copyright 2013


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