AEC- I Decide

             The Choices You Make Today, Will DECIDE Your Tomorrow!

 I didn't know.........No one ever told me......... I didn't believe them........It couldn't happen to me!..........

Twelve Facts You Should Know

1. Parents have the #1 influence in a person's life.

2. Of the less than 25% of young people that are sexually-active, 50% will have a sexually-transmitted disease by the age of 25. 

3. Drug, alcohol and pornography (porn addiction destroys vasopressin, the male bonding hormone, resulting in violent behavior and the loss of compassion)  are addictive and are primary gateways to sexual assault.

4. Condoms have a "normal" failure rate of 15%. For teens, failure rates due to inexperience, production defects, and deterioration or failure of latex can be up to 70%.  Condom failure often leads to pregnancies and/or abortions, which kill a child and can have lifelong mental, physical (including chronic pain, cancer and infertility), emotional scars and may even lead to suicide. Condoms are mostly ineffective against HPV, gonorrhea, genital herpes, and chlamydia.

5. Oxytocin, a "bonding" chemical produced by the body with physical intimacy creates a real, physical need for the partner. Separation causes severe physical, emotional and mental suffering.

6. 9 out of 10 girls who get pregnant are abandoned by the father of the child.

7. Single mothers are most likely to live in life-long poverty.

8. Children of single parents are more likely to have academic and behavior problems. 

9. Many STD/STI's (sexually-transmitted diseases/infections) have no symptoms. Several are incurable. Some can be transmitted to unborn children.

10. STD/STI's, which are now at epidemic rates, can cause breast, throat, cervical, male and other cancers; infertility; incurable warts; chronic pain; psychological distress and even death.

11. HPV has more than 150 different strains. It is extremely easy to contract, as it is a contact virus and the vulnerable area is from above the stomach down the thighs. Most cervical cancers are attributed to HPV. Only 4 HPV (6, 11, 16, and 18) strains are protected by the vaccine Gardasil. All HPV strains are potentially carcinogenic. There is no treatment for this disease. but abstinence is the most effective way to prevent it.

12. 90% of couples who live together before marriage, split up.

Abstinence - means I DECIDE. No lies. No worries. No diseases. No regrets.



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5 Behavior Choices That Are Cancer Risks

 1. Smoking   2. Excessive Drinking   3. Multiple Intimate Partners   4. Birth Control Pills   5. Abortions


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