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Our winner at #SocialMomsLetters

October 6, 2016
Many thanks to #SocialMomsLetters for letting us be part of this great project. Here is the actual letter.

Dear Lady in Catskill, NY, whom we met at a gas station/convenience store:

My husband and I were on a business trip from our home in upstate NY to Connecticut. We stopped for gas and my husband noticed that one of our tires was flat. We were hoping that the gas station/convenience store would have a can of tire sealer, but no luck. As we were discussing what to do, you happened to drive in and came up and asked us what was wrong. We told you about our dilemma and you told us to wait a minute, jumped back in your car and minutes later came back with a can of tire sealer. Then you absolutely refused to take any money for it! You said it was your pleasure and you were just “paying it forward.” We were so touched and often spoke about you and wished we could do something for you. Please know that you are in our prayers and because of your example have also “paid it forward” in little ways.

Thank you wherever you are and may God bless you as you blessed us.



Social Moms and Random Acts of Kindness

September 23, 2016
Here is the link to my entry to the Social Moms project. I didn't realize that they only chose one story! I am truly honored that my story was picked and I really hope that that kind lady in the Catskills somehow sees this. I would love to know who she is.
I really loved being part of this project because not only does it promote the virtue of kindness, but since the time of Aristotle, gratitude has been considered the pri...
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Updating and "Random Acts of Kindness"

September 17, 2016
We had been hoping for help with the website, but haven't gotten what we need yet. So,we will attempt to continue to promote the goals of AEC as best as we can ourselves..

One of our major goals has been to promote good character. As we have noted before, the Center for the 4th and 5th Rs at SUNY Cortland has found that young people are 90% more likely to be abstinent if they have been in a character education program. I was recently asked to submit a letter to someone from whom I had received...

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High Risk Behaviors and AEC

August 6, 2015

Where It Starts

Lack of self-respect   -  Poor self-image  -  Academic problems  -  ADD/ADHD  -  Need for supervision  -  Poor role models  -  Peer pressure  -  Need for support  -  Lack of communication skills  -  Lack of social skills  -  Poor dietary habits

Where It Can Go

Addictions  - Abuse  -  Depression  -  Disease (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)  -  Dropping out of school  -  Dependency on the state
(welfare)  -  Difficulty in getting and holding a job  -  Criminal b...

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Social Good Moms Review - Part 2

March 30, 2015
Part 2 is my review of "Renewable - One Woman's Search for Simplicity, Faithfulness, and Hope".
I think that Eileen Flanagan is a talented writer. However, after going through the most bitter winter we have experienced since moving to Upstate NY fifteen years ago, it is hard to take "global warming" with anything but a load of salt. Also, there is a lot of disagreement with this theory, such as this quote from American Spectator "Antarctic ice is at record levels, the Arctic polar bear populat...
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Social Good Moms Reviews - Part 1

March 29, 2015

I was asked to review some books for Social Good Moms.

The books are "Renewable" by Eileen Flanagan and "100 Under $100 - One Hundred Tools for Empowering Global Women".
Of the two, "100 Under $100" was by far my favorite. Not only does it have some great and inspiring information about what women are doing around the world to help themselves, but it has practical suggestions for helping them.
However, there are major inaccuracies in the book as well as well-intentioned but poorly advised ...

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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Happy Life

January 16, 2015
We are "creatures of habit" and what we think, say, and do on a regular basis, impacts our life whether for good or bad. Abstinence education is about making good educated choices and avoiding the bad..
It is, for example, a terrible thing that birth control pills are regularly doled out to girls and women for a multitude of things, despite the fact that they are classified a Group 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Unfortunately, because there are groups who profit from our ignora...
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Romance starts with R.E.S.P.E.C.T

December 20, 2014
I decided to use the above title as our theme for next year's fair booths. 
My younger daughter got married this summer and her new husband and my older daughter's husband are so romantic! I have been really surprised and delighted. 'My children are so different and their husbands are so uniquely appropriate to them and yet, the men share a lot of wonderful qualities, starting with respect for the girls. Looking at them, I can see that this is the cornerstone of their relationships and romance...
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Spreading the Message

July 21, 2014
AEC has an important message and point of view which is difficult to spread because our culture is 1. antagonistic toward any kind of self-discipline and 2. close-minded about anything that is not "politically correct".
Enter Chatabout. Here is a website that actually pays you to give your opinion! What a great opportunity to use all the research that we have been gathering over the past several years to give informed responses to current news articles. 
For the most part, news is either libera...
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A Real Man Commits!

July 13, 2014
Our theme for AEC's booth at the Otsego County Fair this year is "A Real Man Commits", with COMMITS spelling out strong character traits to look for in your man - Considerate, Orderly, Mature, Modest, Industrious, Trustworthy, and Self-Controlled. After the wedding of my younger daughter a couple of weeks ago, I can now say that these character traits were ones that I see and admire in the men that are now my son-in-laws (my older daughter having married a couple of years ago). I was just pon...
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May 11, 2012

Tara Coles is the recipient of the grand prize package of the Moms In Business Grant.  The press release is online at

Congratulations to Tara!  We are sorry we didn't win but Tara did an amazing job. She just blew everyone away with her energy, her generosity and her social media skills. She really deserved this prize.

AEC did raise over $2000 and I learned so much from trying to pick up social media. I have dozens of followers on Twitter now and offers for help from a few of them.

Next on our schedule is a table at the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church's health fair in Binghamton. We were part of it last year and our band "Treasure" will be playing again. I will (hopefully) remember my camera and take pics.

God bless,

April 27, 2012,

Lots of challenges when it comes to abstinence education. I've been taking many webinars and getting lots of coaching from them and from Gina Robison at Moms in Business and today I got this e-mail when I inquired about a mentor with one group. I asked them if I could put it on my blog without giving their name because it is so illustrative of what we face.

Dear Arline,

Thank you for your email.  I’m glad you found the webinar useful.

As to getting a mentor, I can assure you we are trying hard to find one for you.  However, it is proving quite a challenge as the aims of the organization you represent are not acceptable to some people – in fact, I have already had 3 potential mentors turn you down as a mentee. I will keep trying though and hope to find one for you eventually.

I hope this clarifies matters.



Thank you so much for your help and your frank reply. I certainly appreciate the fact that you are willing to help us as this is exactly the problem we face. Many people will not tolerate our organization despite the fact that we help girls avoid the consequences of promiscuity and unwed motherhood, which are: sexually transmitted diseases (and diseases like cancer which result), heartbreak, depression, infertility, and lifelong poverty, not to mention the impact of these problems on subsequent generations. We realize that it is ignorance of the reality of the results of poor life choices and the fact that most people live their lives and make their decisions based on agendas which are primarily aimed at being politically correct and/or for profit. The peculiar thing is that there are few people, if any, in this atmosphere who would condemn anti-smoking campaigns or programs which teach good citizenship. Yet, abstinence is all about self-respect, self-control, and goal-setting, vital skills for every walk of life and in any and all situations.

I know that this is not everyone's viewpoint however, as illustrated by our acceptance as semi-finalists for the second year in a row with the National Moms In Business Crowdfunding Grant competition and by your own assistance and by funding from such groups as the Stewart Shops Foundation.

Thank you again for your assistance.




 Abstinence Education Council 2013

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