AEC- I Decide

             The Choices You Make Today, Will DECIDE Your Tomorrow!

 We received a touching e-mail from a young father and wanted to share it with you. Too many people do not focus on the future they COULD have and instead opt for a temporary thrill that often ends in permanent disaster. We also thought we could ask you for YOUR stories. Please send us your own stories in your own words. It may help someone to make better choices in their own life.


I'm interested in abstinence education because I became a father at the age of 15 and of course, we weren’t married. That pretty much ruined my childhood because the mother’s parents didn’t want to have anything to do with the baby, so I and my parents had to take care of him. He is now 11 and still lives with me. I barely graduated high school. I am now at the age of 26 going to college because I had a child that I had to take care of. I wish there would have been a program like this for me when I was a teenager. I would just like to help others not have to face the things I had to.

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